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Privacy notice

No spying

We promise to never analyze, track or sell any data about you.

We will also never save any data without asking explicitly.

Local data

All browser features that collect sensitive data (device orientation, 3d-map of your surroundings, camera video streams, geolocation) DO NOT and NEVER WILL transmit this data to our servers.

Session storage

We save some data in your browser to handle our in-page popups.

This information gets deleted as soon as you close the browser tab.

Server Code

The server code we wrote and use is open source and free software, using the AGPL-3.0 and published as @grundstein. @grundstein has no third party dependencies, and all parts of the infrastructure are available in it's github organization.Please note that grundstein is experimental and very much work in progress.

Testing our claims

We understand that we live in a time where privacy claims are broken regularily. To test if this homepage is leaking your information to third parties you can use Blacklight, a real-time website privacy inspector, created by "the markup", a nonprofit newsroom that brings tech expertise to tech reporting.

Privacy tools

We recommend every privacy conscious user of the internet to install the Ublock Origin and/or Privacy Badger browser extensions.


1Orientate yourself on the map or using the list view. In the list you can find more information about the artists, locations and artifacts.
2Navigate on the map until you see an artifact, for example ‘Heartbreakhotel’ by Dagmar Rohm. Open the pop-up by clicking on the object map marker.
3The loading process of the artifact is displayed. Wait until either the second ‘SHOW 3D EXPERIENCE’ button shows, or the 3D scene loads.
4In AR mode (camera view appears) point your smartphone towards the ground until you see a white ring.
5Click on the white ring and experience the artist's augmented reality.
6We hope you enjoy the experience. If you have any feedback:

Android Setup

Augmented reality on Android requires Chrome 81+ or Brave 1.25+.

1Before loading an augmented reality scene, "Google Play Services for AR" is required.
2Visit the Play Store
3Install Google Play Services for AR
4Reload the Page and follow the Instructions in Usage.

IOS Setup

1Click the "Install Webxr Viewer" button.
2Visit the Apple Store to install Webxr Viewer
3Point the Webxr Viewer to
4Reload the Page and follow the Instructions in Usage.

Your device supports augmented reality applications, but this browser does not.

Please download the Mozilla Webxr Viewer for a better experience in the Artificial Museum.Install Webxr Viewer

Currently, only Blink based browsers support augmented reality. This includes Brave Browser, Google Chrome, Samsung Browser and others.

Your version of chrome is too old and does not support augmented reality.

To get access to ar, please update your browser. Update Chrome.Update Brave.

Please use a different browser for the artificial museum, this browser is missing some critical features and will not provide an optimal experience.

If you insist on continuing, just press this button:

Loading artifacts for the first time might take a while.
The artifact is loading, your connection seems to be slow.

Webgl not supported.

Your device does not support webgl.

Finished loading.



You are too far away.

This means you can not start the augmented reality of this artifact.

We prepared a preview mode, do you want to start it?

If you plan to get closer before starting the experience, just click cancel.

searching for floor

swipe to reposition