• Chemnitz (from 1953 to 1990: Karl-Marx-Stadt) is going to be the European Capital of Culture in 2025

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  • Vienna is the largest city of Austria and the starting point of the Artificial Museum.

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Artificial Museum


TheArtificial Museumis the connection between physical, digital, and imaginary worlds, transforming analog art into digital experiences.

The Artificial Museum creates a surreality map of augmented sculptures at various locations around Europe. The free placement of animated artifacts in public spaces invites users to dive into this extended world.

The Museum is connected to the real world through the web-based augmented reality application you are currently visiting, we hope you will enjoy your stay.

TheSystemCollectiveis a syndicate of independent artists, makers, programmers, engineers, philosophers, activists, and scientists, collectively using art and technology to transform our world. We believe in a literal definition of "common goods", and convert public spaces into a museum, ready for artists to freely position their art.


Involved collectives

Aa collections, Dachsbau, Metalab, Notgalerie, Sandkasten Syndikat, Setzkasten Wien, Villa Schapira, Zirkus Mops

Commissioned by:

Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Wien GmbHStadt Wien



TheSystemCollective, z.H. Daniela Weiss
Yppenplatz 5
1170 Wien

Represented by:

Litto / Daniela Weiss, Jascha Ehrenreich


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yppshop provided by usus.wienKlub Solitaer e.V.


sandkasten syndikatMY Sound Of MusicDachsbauAa collectionsMetalab ViennaBordsteinlobby e.V.


The foundation of the Artificial Museum,
TheSystem - Phase.1, was commissioned by KÖR

wien kultur


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