1. Stand on the footsteps

2. Enter the AR Experience by clicking the button below

3. In AR, search for the floor until a white circle appears

4. Position the white circle over the white circle on the floor

5. Tap the screen

6. Enjoy the Augmented Reality environment

7. Vote by tapping on one of the candidates

8. Thank you for your service

Android: use Chrome and the "Google Play Service for AR".

IOS: use the "WebXR Viewer"

SystemKollektiv, 2022

Your device supports augmented reality applications, but this browser does not.

Please download the Mozilla Webxr Viewer for a better experience in the Artificial Museum.Install Webxr Viewer

Currently, only Blink based browsers support augmented reality. This includes Brave Browser, Google Chrome, Samsung Browser and others.

Your version of chrome is too old and does not support augmented reality.

To get access to ar, please update your browser. Update Chrome.Update Brave.

Please use a different browser for the artificial museum, this browser is missing some critical features and will not provide an optimal experience.

If you insist on continuing, just press this button:

Loading artifacts for the first time might take a while.
The artifact is loading, your connection seems to be slow.

Webgl not supported.

Your device does not support webgl.

Finished loading.



You are too far away.

This means you can not start the augmented reality of this artifact.

We prepared a preview mode, do you want to start it?

If you plan to get closer before starting the experience, just click cancel.

searching for floor

swipe to reposition